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Industrial Oil

Our high performance Kunlun industrial oils are produced from deep refined base oil under advance technology. Kunlun offers all ranges of air compressor oils, hydraulic oils and gear oils to cater the various needs of the customers.

Kunlun Air Compressor Oil is intended for the lubrication of light to medium-duty to heavy-duty reciprocating air compressors use in industrials and marine applications.

Kunlun Hydraulic Oil is best recommended for all types of medium and high pressure hydraulic systems in the engineering, mineral machinery and ocean ships in very cold areas, especially the extreme harsh working environment.

Kunlun Gear Oil is best suited for the gears with contact stress of more than 1100mPa and is applicable for use in the mineral, metallurgy, steel milling and construction machineries.


Industrial Oil

Product Description
HM Hydraulic Oil Download
HM+ Hydraulic Oil Download
HV Hydraulic Oil Download
HV Hydraulic Oil (Ashless) Download
HS Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Download
HM/P Hydraulic Oil Download
HM/C Cleaning Hydraulic Oil Download
DAB Air Compressor Oil Download
DAH Air Compressor Oil Download
CKC Mid-Duty Gear Oil Download
CKD Heavy-Duty Gear Oil Download
CKE Turbo-Worm Oil Download
CKE/P Turbo-Worm Oil Download

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