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Transformer Oil

PetroChina produces naphthenic-based transformer oils. It is manufactured by adopting moderately-refined low viscosity and low pour point base oils. It is also characterized by good heat transfer, excellent high oxidation stability and good electrical properties.

Our transformer oils have stable and reliable performance and are produced from strictly-controlled quality procedures meeting the requirements of IEC 60296-2003 classification U and ASTM D3487-93 type 1 standard.

Petrochina has established a joint development program of AC/DC transformer oil with Siemens, ABB, Xi’an Transformer Factory and many others.

Product Description
Petro45 Download
Petro25X, 45X Download
Petro45A Download
Petro40X Download
Petro50X HVDC/HVAC Download
Petro50GX HVDC/HVAC Download

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Rubber Processing Oil

PetroChina produces high quality naphthenic rubber process oils, deeply refined process oils from low freezing point naphthenic crude distillate from Xinjiang oilfield and utilizing an advanced ” Three-Stage High Pressure Hydrotreating ” technology (hydrotreating, hydrodewaxing and hydrofinishing ) under strictly controlled procedures.

The oils have excellent appearance, excellent colour, high naphthenic hydrocarbon content and relatively low volatile loss. It exhibit outstanding sunlight resistance and thermal oxidation resistance. It also has non-polluting properties, thus safe for human health and environment.

Product Description
KH Naphthenic Colourless RPO Download
KN High Quality Naphthenic RPO Download
KP High Quality Paraffinic RPO Download
NAP10 Plasticizer for Tyre Download

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Product Description
Extreme Pressure Lithium Base 000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3# Download
Lithium Complex Grease #1, #2, #3 Download
Calcium Sulfonate Complex Base Grease Super CS Download
Heavy Load Open Gear Grease Download

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