About Us

Headquartered in Singapore, Premier Six is a trading and manufacturing specialist which has served the oil & gas, marine, engineering & automation industries worldwide since 1992.

With our in-house know-how, we have successfully developed industry-leading Pulse Air Mixing System, Opt-Max BoB300 concentrate/ additive, lubricants and equipment, as well as DDD-R-30G compliant wipe off cloth. 

Our flagship Opt-Max products have received industry endorsements, patents and OEM approvals. We strive to provide corporations, government-owned enterprises and ship owners with cost-effective solutions without compromising performance and reliability.

Today, we have extended our business activities to include AI technology, integrated facilities design and management. To serve our clients with greater autonomy, accountability and transparency, Pick-n-Go and Premier IFM have been set up independently as our sister companies to manage the new businesses.

Leveraging our operational expertise, technical know-how and global networks, we have successfully stretched our footprints across international markets as we continue to grow from strength to strength.

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