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TankStore Terminal

The facility is located at Pulau Busing, the southern island of Singapore; a choice location, for it lies strategically in the hub of the world’s busiest shipping regions.

Since it’s commissioning in December 1990, continuous expansion of the terminal has been carried out. Premier 6 was approached by Tankstore to provide Pulse Air Mixing system for 18 numbers of storage tank in fuel oil blending, one of the largest system provision since 1992.

06 Main controller, close to 700 accumulation plates, 250 power valves, approximate 18.0 kilometre run of pipes (by Rotary) were provided in a short 4 months duration.

All technical aspects with regards to scope of work were outlined and documented to ensure safety, functionality and proper execution of the entire project.

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Date completed

July 2014

number of tanks



30,000 m3 ~ 60,000 m3

product type

Fuel Oil Blending

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